If you are interested in having great fun in Poland (especially Silesia, Cracow, Warsaw)  in unusual way – please contact us!

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Creative engagement


Every woman wishes that her engagement is magical and unforgettable. With us you can meet those expectations! We will help you prepare this perfect moment, so that it is not just a typical dinner in a restaurant. What we do best is to surprise people! After all,  isn’t that what a real engagement is all about? If you want to get engaged like Barney and Robin in “How I met your mother”, let us know!

Why should you use our service? You may be a very well organized person but allow us to doubt your ability to show up in two places at the same time. You have to be with your girlfriend rather than planning the engagement, so that she doesn’t realize what’s coming up. This is exactly why you should call us. We will organize music, stage props, people, you name it!… We will manipulate the reality for a moment, following your wishes of course!

The engagement does not have to be crazy. We can organize a very romantic and cosy evening for you. It all depends on you!

If you are not sure if your partner would enjoy it, simply check the videos under this post. They will show you all the happy women who said YES!


Urban exploration


Zwiedzanie alternatywneAre you in Poland for the first time, or maybe have you been here for a few months, but you neither had the time nor the opportunity to see the most popular places, or even the old neglected townhouses? We offer urban exploration as a way of unusual sightseeing. We are preparing it with stories that you could have never heard otherwise, original music, and characters representing the places. You will not only listen, you will be an active part of the trip.

If you think that there is nothing interesting to see in Katowice or other Silesian cities, you are wrong. We will gladly take you on a trip to an old cold mine, walk in a fascinating Nikiszowiec or show you the alternative beauty of industrial ruins.

Our main field of work is Silesia but if you are interested, we can take you also to other parts of Poland and match your interests with the places to visit.


City games


Gra miejska na Tropie Złodzieja JęzykówThe magic of city games starts where our imagination begins: is it normal that the bottle stands on the pavement? Will I get additional points if I threw it into the garbage? Wasn’t I here before? Is someone following me?

Participation in city games is not only entertainment. A very well created plot helps you discover your strong and weak sides and train your imagination.

We are prepared to organize a city game even for small groups of people, and we can guarantee that it will be much better than just another pub or billiard visit.

What? City games and LARP’s Inividual city games
For whom? Company/city Individuals and groups of friends
How much? Starting at 2000 zł Starting at 400 zł
What will you get? Happy employees, interesting form of entertainment. Great fun, lots of laughter, unexpected adventures.


 Fictionalized meetings


SurvivalIf you don’t feel like meeting in the same pub or going to play paintball again, let us know! We can make your free time exciting! Let us surprise you and link paintball with fictionalized war stories or group barbecuing in survival trips.

We can also offer you improvised trips. What are those? During our improvised trips we will change you into a book’s or a movie’s character, you will have a chance of saving the world from a huge catastrophe.

A fictionalized meeting is a great variant of simple trips, linking the outdoors to innovative games. The length of the trip and the type of the task will be matched to your expectations and interests. Each trip is planned individually.


 About us

We are a team of complementary personalities. Each of us is different, but what links us together is the joy of preparing the most unusual and special events.

We have experience in the organization of many fictionalized meetings, happenings, theme parties etc. We know how to work with children and teenagers, as well as with adults ;) In our work the customer, his satisfaction, happiness and positive emotions hold the highest importance.

 biuro@cudotwornia.com +48 504 84 19 18