Team for special tasks!

You open the door and see something amazing. You come closer and ask: “How can you create something such unusual?” The answer is simple – you need special people who will engage their full potential and organize SOMETHING. Are you wondering where to find such people? Here we are, it’s...

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Our #cudoteam

Michal Kucharski

The originator and co-founder of the Cudotwórnia Events, the optimist and manager of time and space. It means that he has under control even what seemingly cannot be planned. He is everywhere at events. He mastered the ability to bilocation. Addicted to various sports (cycling, sailing, hiking in the mountains and many others). Gifted with ... an unusual sense of humor (Master of Groaner) and the ability to implement even the most unbelievable ideas.

Piotr Rogosz Cudotwórnia Events

Piotr Rogosz

A man with a beard, screenwriter, director of the Cudoevents. A culinary experimenter, lover of drinking coffee outdoors, cycling trips here and there.

Martyna Gizler Cudotwórnia Events

Martyna Gizler

She is usually rare at home, and she devotes most of her time to filling his calendar with plans. Many social actions was brought to life  and the secret of obtaining superpowers from the positive energy from the people she surrounds has long been discovered by she! In Cudotwórnia Events she can be a great compere, 77 years old owner of the hotel, where the crime was done, but the most she likes the contact with participants of field, city and corporate games . Privately, she manages to reconcile work and studies a and also care for an adapted two cats and dog. She loves vegetable cuisine, the Pol'and'Rock festival and decorating the skin with real art.

Justyna Łapaj-Kucharska Cudotwórnia Events

Justyna Łapaj-Kucharska

Called Justin. Since high school she has been involved in various organizational activities - from games for the youngest, through events for the slightly older, to national and international scientific conferences. She runs his company dealing with copywriting and content marketing "Dr_Copywriter"." By profession she is s political scientist, in addiction she is a PhD in social sciences and an academic lecturer. Privately, she is a lover of horseback riding, sailing, hiking, snowboarding and distant and close traveling. 

Iwona Bijak Cudotwórnia Events

Iwona Bijak

As a speech therapist, she plans how to take over the world ... but take it easy, only the world of the child with whom she practices and for whom she comes up with a hundred games per minute to achieve the best results. As a Polish teacher, she tames grammatical and stylistic monsters, guards dots and commas, so that they appear in articles in the scientific journal (and not only) where they must be. As a secretary of the Silesian Branch of PTL, she invents, establishes, writes down, organizes - in other words, she does everything to make workshops, training sessions, conferences, forums and lectures fully professional and valuable. As a Cudomaker ... she does crazy things that others can only dream about :). At her leisure, she likes to go to the mountains, read books or meet friends.

Roman kaskader Cudotwórnia Events


He is the laziest member of the Cudotwórnia Events. During our events, he deals with lying and looking good. We must admit that he has it down to a fine art - he enjoys great interest of representatives of both sexes. Rumor has it that he knows who assassinated Kennedy and whether aliens landed on earth. When he is asked about details, he is silent. During his energy boost to action, he shows the true face, giving stunts skills - fortunately he has more life than a cat and only this causes that he is still engaged in the most dangerous roles ("of lifetime"). If you want to meet him - let mus know! Maybe he can be persuaded to attend the meeting ...

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